Saturday, April 21, 2007

R.I.P. Alice 2004-2007

It is with grave condolences that I must report that Alice, my laptop of almost three years, has resolutely died for good. After a three day battle that involved having her innards ravaged with methodical probing tools and fingers, it was finally determined that Alice could not be saved. At around 3:25 PM, Alice had her hard drive removed for salvaging, and the withered, battered yet tough shell that remained was cast off into the depths of the metaphorical recycling bin.

Alice had her memory wiped twice, and her original hard drive died in June, however she kept on persisting. She had cracks and holes, but still contained lots of important data and was always a constant companion. Alice is survived by a five year old DELL Dimension desktop affectionately dubbed Winston.

She's being replaced by a sexy DELL XPS M1210. I'm pretty sure I can manage.

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